Full Day Tours to Take from Cardiff That are Worth the Money

Three words… When Where Wales. We took two day trips with the When Where Wales Tours and it turned out to be an amazing way to see the beautiful country. With only a few days budgeted for Wales, our base was Cardiff, the capital city. My friend and I booked two trips with this company because they covered so much ground in the little time we had. Broken down here are the two we took, but there a plenty to choose from!

Tour No. 3: Gower Explorer

Let me start off by saying, the facilitators of the day tours were such kind people. Jan and her husband clearly have a passion for what they do. The tours were extremely organized. They cover every inch of Wales in proximity to Cardiff you could want to explore. Often with group tours, it’s easy to fell forgotten about and rushed through the stops. Not once did I feel this on the When Where Wales tours we took. The Gower Explorer was my favourite of the two. Swansea was a highlight I never knew I even wanted to see!

Here is what the Gower Explorer covered:

  • Swansea Marina & National Waterfront Museum
  • Mumbles Lighthouse
  • Langland Bay to Caswell
  • Rhossili (and lunch stop)
  • Arthur’s Stone
  • Llwcher Estuary and Salt Marshes
  • Cefn Bryn

Swansea, Mumbles, Langland


Arthur’s Stone, Cefn Bryn

This day exceeded my expectations. The weather turned out to be incredible for the views and feeding wild ponies near Arthur’s Stone. Which yes, you get to touch for good luck! Swansea and the Gower Explorer Tour is something I look back on and think, “I’m so glad I spent money on that experience”.

Tour No. 1: South Wales Valleys Tour

This tour covered the whole idea of what I thought Wales would be like; endless green hills, sheep, castles, sheep, ancient folk tales, and you guessed it… more sheep! Seriously, they are everywhere!

Here is what the South Wales Valleys Tour covered:

  • Caerphilly Castle
  • Brecon Beacons National Park
  • Ancient Standing Stone
  • Welsh Villages
  • Brecon Town
  • Libanus Visitors’ Centre
  • South Wales Valleys

Caerphilly Castle

I think Daenerys Targaryen parked her dragons here between filming seasons, and boy do they fit in well.

Another castle we visited other than Caerphilly Castle, I cannot for the life of me remember it’s name. SORRY. What I do remember is its killer drawbridge and really, that’s what matters most.

Brecon Beacons, Ancient Standing Stone

Myths, Welsh history, legends – I’m into it. If you are too, you’ll love Wales and these tours.

Links to the When Where Wales Tours:

Why “When Where Wales”?

The guides were incredible. As the main source of info, this is the first thing I want on a bus tour. They were so passionate about showing off their beautiful country and they actually invest in their group’s well-being. The whole tour was so organized. Each stop made sense; honestly there was not one part that I thought, “ugh, that was a drag” or “wish that wasn’t included in the price”.

I will be honest for my young travelers out there, the crowd was a little older than anticipated. It doesn’t exactly target two friends in their 20’s, but it completely worked for us. We had a lot going against us in Wales: not enough time, no transportation, not a ton of knowledge on the areas surrounding Cardiff… This tour took care of all of our issue and they did it with a small bus group. I personally love the more intimate groups. It gives you a chance to connect with the guides, as them questions, spend more time (and actually get a turn) at the stops. It also gave you enough time to decide what you wanted to do with your time at certain places. As a smaller group, though there is an itinerary, it has the ability to be somewhat more flexible.

During our lunch break on the Gower Explorer at Rhossilli, we were given so much time to explore the area. If you were unable to walk around, you didn’t have to, they had alternatives. Again, you got to pick how you wanted to use your time. With the average group tour, I often feel rushed; I did not feel this way on any of these tours. I wish I could have taken more of these tours!

If you’re interested…

Be sure to book these ahead of time, the spots fill up. Something to also note: if you were interested in a specific tour, each one only happens on certain days – it is only the two guides after all, and one of them is the driver! This may change the look of your itinerary, but I promise it’s worth it. I’m also all for contributing to a local family business, and Jan and her husband deserve every penny!

When Where Wales, thank you!